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Green_object Performance Evaluation Models of Manufacturing Systems 2010/1

Special Issue, Guest Edited by Zbigniew A. Banaszak and Oleg Zaikin, with papers by: S. Klancnik, J. Balic and F. Cus; V.T. Tran and B.-S. Yang; I. Rojek; I. Bach, G. Bocewicz, Z.A. Banaszak and W. Muszynski; P. Korytkowski, T. Wisniewski and O. Zaikin; J. Matuszek and A. Moczala; F. Hnaien, A. Dolgui and M.A. Ould-Louly; E. Nawarecki and J. Kozlak; A. Smirnov, T. Levashova, N. Shilov and A. Kashevnik; Ch. Gerber, I. Ivanova-Vasileva and H.-M. Hanisch; M.B. Zaremba; K. Sandkuhl; D. Baglee and m. Knowles; N.N. Bakhtadze, I.B. Yadikin, V.V. Kulba, V.A. Lototsky and E.M. Maximov.

Green_object Special Issue on Intelligent Information Processing & Web Mining 2010/2

Special Issue guest-edited by M. A. Klopotek, A. Przepiorkowski and S. T. Wierzchon. Contains papers by M. Bereta & T. Burczynski; U. Boryczka; K. Trojanowski; K. Ciesielski, D. Czerski, M. Draminski, M. A. Klopotek & S. T. Wierzchon; B. Broda, M. Piasecki & S. Szpakowicz; P. Homola & V. Kubon; W. Froelich & A. Wakulicz-Deja; A. A. Tzacheva; J. W. Grzymala-Busse, W. J. Grzymala-Busse, Z. S. Hippe & W. Rzasa; K. Grudzinski. This issue contains also Regular Papers by: A. Zilinskas & J. Zilinskas; A. P. Piotrowski & J. J. Napiorkowski; S. Bialas & M. Bialas; M. Chmiel & E. Hrynkiewicz. A Book Review by M. Romaniuk of Advances in Data Analysis by C. H. Skiados closes the issue.

Green_object Issue with Special Section on Optimization with PDE Constraints 2010/3

Special Section guest edited by J. Sokolowski & A. Zochowski, contains papers by: J. S. Jensen; B. Mohammadi; A. Myslinski; H. J. Pesch, A. Rund, W. von Wahl & S. Wendl; E. W. Sachs & M. Schu; S. Schmidt & V. Schulz. The main body of the issue is constituted by Regular Papers by: R. Griesse, N. Metla and A. Roesch; Kil To Chong, O. Kostyukova & M. Kurdina; T. Banek; T. Kaczorek; J. Duda; V. A. Emelichev, E. E. Gurevsky & K. G. Kuzmin; M. E. De Giuli & G. Giorgi; J. M. Alonso-Meijide, B. Casas-Mendez, M. G. Fiestras-Janeiro & M. J. Holler; G. Rzadkowski & L. S. Zaremba; H. Soni, N. H. Shah & Ch. K. Jaggi. Two Book Reviews were written by A. Myslinski (Numerical Solutions of PDEs by S. Bertoluzza et al.) and I. Pawłow (Elliptic Equations: An Introductory Course by M. Chipot).

Green_object Issue with Special Section on Soft Approaches to Information Processing: From Theory to Applications 2010/4

Special Section, guest edited by Sł. Zadrozny, G. De Tre, E. Herrera-Viedma & G. Pasi, contains papers by: C. Porcel, J. M. Morales del Castillo, M. J. Cobo, A. A. Ruiz & E. Herrera-Viedma; G. Bordogna & G. Psaila; D. Furno, V. Loia & M. Veniero; Y. Qiang, M. Delafontaine, K. Asmussen, B. Stichelbaut, G. De Tre, P. De Maeyer & N. Van De Weghe; V. Torra, G. Navarro-Arribas & D. Abril. The Regular Papers in this issue are authored by: F. C. Chittaro & G. Stefani; T. L. Chien, C. C. Chen, Y. C. Chen & S. L. Wu; H. Du & N. Zhang; P. Gawkowski, M. Ławrynczuk, P. Marusak, J. Sosnowski & P. Tatjewski; J. Werewka & M. Dach; M. Buslowicz; J. Duda; S. El Otmani, G. Rhin & J.-M. Sac-Epee; T. Praczyk. Book Review by A. Myslinski deals with Global Pseudo-Differential Calculus on Euclidean Spaces of F. Nicola and L. Rodino. This closing issue of the 39-th volume contains also lists of Volume Contributors, Volume Referees, and the Volume Contents.