Special issue on: Mathematical Modelling, Fractional Calculus and Time Scales

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2013-2-02_preface_special_issue.pdf Download Preface by E.Girejko, D.Mozyrska
2013-2-03_Bartosiewicz.pdf Download Z.Bartosiewicz
2013-2-04_Bartosiewicz_et_al.pdf Download Z Bartosiewicz et al.
2013-2-05_Chudziak.pdf Download J.Chudziak
2013-2-06_Datta_Roy.pdf Download A.Datta, P. Kumar Roy
2013-2-07_Dawidowicz_Poskrobko.pdf Download A.L.Dawidiwicz, A.Poskrobko
2013-2-08_Dryl_et_al.pdf Download M.Dryl et al.
2013-2-09_Girejko_Mozyrska.pdf Download E.Girejko, D.Mozyrska
2013-2-10_Nandi_et_al.pdf Download S.Nandi et al.
2013-2-11_Odzijewicz_et_al.pdf Download T.Odzijewicz et al.
2013-2-12_Ammi_et_al.pdf Download M.R.Sidi Ammi et al.
2013-2-13_Sierociuk.pdf Download D.Sierociuk
2013-2-14_Zaczkiewicz.pdf Download Z.Zaczkiewicz
2013-2-15_Tung_reg_pap.pdf Download T.T.Tung - regular paper
2013-2-16_Kozlowski_reg_pap.pdf Download E.Kozlowski - regular paper
2013-2-17_Boudellioua_reg_pap.pdf Download M.S.Boudeliua - regular paper
2013-2-17_Boudellioua_reg_pap.pdf Download M.S.Boudeliua - regular paper