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ahmad-et-al.pdf Download I. Ahmad, D. Singh and B. Dar
donnarumma-et-al.pdf Download F. Donnarumma, A. Murano and R. Prevete
doostparast.pdf Download M. Doostparast
gariboldi-tarzia.pdf Download C. M. Gariboldi and D. A. Tarzia
gatarek-et-al.pdf Download D. GÄ…tarek, V. Petrov and A. Stavrou
gheibi-ramezanian.pdf Download O. Gheibi and R. Ramezanian
nardenio-martins-et-al-1.pdf Download N. A. Martins, M. de Alencar, W. C. Lombardi, D W. Bertol, E. R. De Pieri and H. F. Filho, part 1
nardenio-martins-et-al-contd.pdf Download N. A. Martins et al., part 2