Regular issue

The issue contains regular papers, as well as a selection of papers, having originated from the bi-annual BOS 2016 conference of the Polish Operational and Systems Research Society.

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Content items
foreword.pdf Download The Editors
Kogut-Leugering-Schiel..pdf Download Peter I. Kogut, Guenter Leugering and Ralph Schiel
Krus-Woroniecka.pdf Download Lech Krus and Irena Woroniecka-Leciejewicz
Banas-Michnik-Targiel..pdf Download Dariusz Banas, Jerzy Michnik and Krzysztof Targiel
Owsinski-Stanczak-Barski-Sep.pdf Download Jan W. Owsinski, Jaroslaw Stanczak, Aleksy Barski and Krzysztof Sep
Jarynowski-Buda.pdf Download Andrzej Jarynowski and Andrzej Buda
Basu-Das.pdf Download Manjusri Basu and Monojit Das
Prasad.pdf Download Bandhu Prasad