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The six papers, forming this issue, span the range of problemsthat is characteristic of the journal: from the advenaced analyses from control theory and optimization, through operations research issues down to quite technical questions of computer science - though considered in a rather abstract manner.

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Abdelbari-Nachi-Sokolowski-1-2017.pdf Download M. Abdelbari, Kh. Nachi & J. SokoĊ‚owski
Kaczorek-Ostalczyk-1-2017.pdf Download T. Kaczorek & P. Ostalczyk
Michalak-Studniarski-1-2017.pdf Download A. Michalak & M. Studniarski
Mishra-Shanker-1-2017.pdf Download V. K. Mishra & K. Shanker
Hesamian-1-2017.pdf Download Gh. Hesamian
Kulesza-Chudzikiewicz-Zielinski-1-2017.pdf Download R. Kulesza, J. Chudzikiewicz & Z. ZieliĊ„ski