Advanced designs of systems control

Special, guest-edited issue, containing papers on the most recent approaches to various kinds of systems, mostly based on fresh new metaheuristics

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Preface.pdf Download From the Guest Editor - Naresh Yadhav
Shareef-Rao.pdf Download S. K. Mahammad Shareef and R. Srinivasa Rao
Savargave-Deshpande.pdf Download Sangram Bhagwanrao Savargave and A. M. Deshpande
Subramanyam-Ram-Subrahmanyam.pdf Download T. C. Subramanyam, S. S. Tulasi Ram and J. B. V. Subrahmanyam
Kalshetti-Dixit.pdf Download Sunil C. Kalshetti and S. K. Dixit
Azizi-Beghdad.pdf Download Tarek Azizi and Rachid Beghdad
Shaikh-Iliev.pdf Download Javed R. Shaikh and Georgi Iliev
Skariya-Satheesh-Dhas.pdf Download P. D. Skariya, M. Satheesh and J. Edwin Raja Dhas
Jasim-Brindha.pdf Download Munavar Jasim and Thomas Brindha
Volume-content.pdf Download Editors
Volume-Authors.pdf Download Editors
Volume-Referees.pdf Download Editors