Special issue to honour Guenter Leugering on His 65th birthday, guest edited by Michael Hintermueller, Michael Hinze, Jan SokoĊ‚owski and Stefan Ulbrich

Special issue, containing papers by leading specialists in control theory and optimisation, dedicated to Guenter Leugering. It is continued as the next, also special, issue (2/2019).

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Kludnev.pdf Download Alexander Khludnev
From-the-guest-editors.pdf Download The Guest Editors
G-Leugering-bio-note.pdf Download The Guest Editors
Content-announcement-1-2-2019.pdf Download The Guest Editors
Kogut.pdf Download Peter I. Kogut
Gugat.pdf Download Martin Gugat
Casas-Troeltzsch.pdf Download Eduardo Casas and Fredi Troeltzsch
Hauschild-Marheineke-Mehrmann.pdf Download Sarah-Aleksa Hauschild, Nicole Marheineke and Volker Mehrmann
Colli-Gilardi-Sprekels.pdf Download Pierluigi Colli, Gianni Gilardi and Juergen Sprekels