Issue with Special Section on Optimization with PDE Constraints

Side by side with five papers on optimisation with PDE constraints, from leading specialists in the field, there are ten regular papers, devoted to some essential problems in control theory, stability of systems, mathematical programming, game theory, finance and inventory models.

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2010-3-18_rec_pawlow.pdf Download I.Pawlow
2010-3_special section.pdf Download
2010-3_preface.pdf Download
2010-3-01_jensen.pdf Download J.S.Jensen
2010-3-02_mohammadi.pdf Download B.Mohammadi
2010-3-03_myslinski.pdf Download A.Myslinski
2010-3-04_pesch_et_al.pdf Download H.J.Pesch et al.
2010-3-05_sachs_schu.pdf Download E.W.Sachs, M.Schu
2010-3-06_schmidt_schulz.pdf Download S.Schmidt,V.Schulz
2010-3_reg_papers.pdf Download
2010-3-07_griesse_et_al.pdf Download R.Griesse et al.
2010-3-08_chong_et_al.pdf Download Kil To Chong et al.
2010-3-09_banek.pdf Download T.Banek
2010-3-10_kaczorek.pdf Download T.Kaczorek
2010-3-11_duda.pdf Download J.Duda
2010-3-12_emelichev.pdf Download V.A.Emelichev et al.
2010-3-13_degiuli_giorgi.pdf Download M.E. De Giuli,G.Giorgi
2010-3-14_alonso_et_al.pdf Download J.M.Alonso-Meijide et al.
2010-3-15_rzadkowski_zaremba.pdf Download G.Rzadkowski,L.S.Zaremba
2010-3-16_soni_shah_jaggi.pdf Download H.Soni et al.
2010-3_reviews.pdf Download
2010-3-17_rec_myslinski.pdf Download A.Myslinski
2010-3-18_rec_pawlow.pdf Download review - I.Pawlow