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Regular issue including a number of papers from the conference BOS/SOR2022, modified for publication purposes.

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Papers ranging from optimisation theory through optimum portfolio analysis, voting and estimation of relations and trees, as well as identification of price models on power exchange in Poland.

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Marlega-Tchorzewski--4-2022.pdf Download R. Marlęga & J. R. Tchórzewski
Gadhi-Ichatouhane--4-2022.pdf Download N. A. Gadhi & A. Ichatouhane
Rogonov-et-al--4-2022.pdf Download S. A. Rogonov, I. S. Soldatenko & A.. V. Yazenin
Juszczuk-Krus--4-2022.pdf Download P. Juszczuk & L. Kruś
Sosnowska--4-2022.pdf Download H. Sosnowska
Klukowski--4-2022.pdf Download L. Klukowski
Rucinski--4-2022.pdf Download D. Ruciński
Content-vol-51-2022.pdf Download Volume content
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