Issue with Special Section on Soft Approaches to Information Processing: From Theory to Applications

Issue with a Special Section on theoretical and application-oriented methodologies and techniques for soft approaches to information processing with such application domains as airport situation awareness, digital library support, web exploration support, time interval representation or record linkage. Among the Regular Papers attention ought to be paid to the paper by Chittaro & Stefani, as well as two papers on fuzzy control. There are also papers on practical control issues, as well as stability problems. The Regular Papers contain also articles on number theory, useful in cryptography, and neural network encoding. Summary lists of the entire volume are provided.

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2010-4_guest_editorial.pdf Download S.Zadrozny et al.
2010-4-01_porcel_et_al.pdf Download C.Porcel et al.
2010-4-02_bordogna_psaila.pdf Download G.Bordogna,G.Psaila
2010-4-03_furno_et_al.pdf Download D.Furno et al.
2010-4-04_qiang_et_al.pdf Download Y.Qiang et al.
2010-4-05_torra_et_al.pdf Download V.Torra et al.
2010-4_regular papers.pdf Download
2010-4-06_chittaro_stefani.pdf Download F.C.Chittaro,G.Stefani
2010-4-07_chien_et_al.pdf Download T.Chien et al.
2010-4-08_du_zhang.pdf Download H.Du,N.Zhang
2010-4-09_gawkowski_et_al.pdf Download P.Gawkowski et al.
2010-4-10_werewka_dach.pdf Download J.Werewka,M.Dach
2010-4-11_buslowicz.pdf Download M.Buslowicz
2010-4-12_duda.pdf Download J.Duda
2010-4-13_otmani_et_al.pdf Download S.El Otmani et al.
2010-4-14_praczyk.pdf Download T.Praczyk
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