Regular issue

This regular issue contains twelve research papers, devoted to problems of variational calculus and control theory, as well as practical issues of regulation, and also papers dealing with optimisation methods, modelling and reliability theory. As the last issue in the volume, it provides the lists of content of the volume, of authors and referees.

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Content items
2004-4-01_bagdouri_et_al.pdf Download M.El Bagdouri et al.
2004-4-02_ge.pdf Download Z. Ge
2004-4-03_mitkowski.pdf Download W.Mitkowski
2004-4-04_kulczycki_et_al.pdf Download P.Kulczycki et al.
2004-4-05_bialas.pdf Download S.Bialas
2004-4-06_zilinskas.pdf Download A.Zilinskas
2004-4-07_kordos_duch.pdf Download M.Kordos, W.Duch
2004-4-08_li_et_al.pdf Download S.Y.Li et al.
2004-4-09_aliev_kara.pdf Download I.M.Aliev,Z.Kara
2004-4-10_porwik.pdf Download P.Porwik
2004-4-11_sosnowski_et-al.pdf Download J.Sosnowski et al.
2004-4-12_donigiewicz.pdf Download A.M.Dnigiewicz
2004-4-donigiewicz.pdf Download A.M. Donigiewicz
2004-4-volume-contents.pdf Download Volume 33 content list
2004-4-volume-contributors.pdf Download Volume 33 contributor list
2004-4-volume-referees.pdf Download Volume 33 referee list