Special Issue on: Tabu Search for Combinatorial Optimization Guest Editors: Rene Victor Valqui Vidal and Zbigniew Nahorski

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2000-3-02_preface_vidal_nahorski.pdf Download Preface by R.V.V.Vidal and Z.Nahorski
2000-3-03_hindsberger_vidal.pdf Download M.Hindsberger, R.V.V.Vidal
2000-3-04_glover_et_al.pdf Download F.Glover et al.
2000-3-05_borges_vidal.pdf Download P.C.Borges, R.V.V.Vidal
2000-3-06_hindsberger_vidal.pdf Download M.Hindsberger, R.V.V.Vidal
2000-3-07_drezner_salhi.pdf Download Z.Drezner, S.Salhi
2000-3-08_lokketangen_woodruff.pdf Download A.Lokketangen, D.L.Woodruff
2000-3-09_moccellin_dossantos.pdf Download J.V.Moccelin, M.O.dos Santos
2000-3-10_hasegava_et_al.pdf Download M.Hasegawa et al.
2000-3-11_hansen.pdf Download M.P.Hansen
2000-3-12_hansen.pdf Download M.P.Hansen
2000-3-13_loukil_et_al.pdf Download T.Loukil et al.
2000-3-14_book_review_niederlinski.pdf Download Book review - A.Niederlinski