General information

This quarterly journal is edited and published in English language since 1972 by the Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Its main objective is to stimulate the development of broadly conceived systems theory and analysis.

ISSN: 0324-8569

Field of interest

The field of interest covers general concepts, theories, methods and techniques associated with analysis, modelling, control and management in various systems (e.g. technological, economic, ecological, social). The journal is particularly interested in results in the following areas of research:

Systems and control theory:

  • general systems theory,
  • optimal cotrol,
  • optimization theory,
  • data analysis, learning, artificial intelligence,
  • modelling & identification,
  • game theory, multicriteria optimisation, decision and negotiation methods,
  • soft approaches: stochastic and fuzzy methods,
  • computer science,

in terms of theory, methods and broadly conceived applications.

Indexing and reviewing

Quarterly journal Control & Cybernetics is being indexed by a number of international services, including, e.g. Scopus. Reviews of individual papers from Control & Cybernetics appear also in International Abstracts in Operations Research, Mathematical Reviews and in Zentralblatt fuer Mathematik. Abstracted in Applied Mechanical Reviews. It also appears in Polish abstracting / providing services of BazTech and BazEkon.


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