Submission rules

Papers submitted should concern one of the domains of the journal (see ), represent an adequate scientific quality (novely against the existing state of the art, non-trivial survey of the state of the art, etc.), and be written in adequate English language. It is assumed that the papers submitted are original, i.e. have not been published elsewhere nor are being submitted in parallel.

The Editors do not ask for the contribution shares of individual authors in case of multi-author papers, since it is assumed that no ghost-writing takes place and the sequence of authors is entirely up to their decision.

Submission are made via e-mail (Authors are kept responsible for taking appropriate care of the facile legibiliy of the submission) in the .pdf form. No special paper style is required upon submission.

All formal and practical correspondence (notifications etc.) is maintained via electronic mail (

The papers submitted are reviewed by two independent referees each. Having obtained these reviews the Editors formulate their opinion and recommendations.

Conformity with the style is required upon final acceptance for publication.

The original version of the published material is with the paper form, the electronic form being considered secondary.

Copyright Conditions

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